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A Look Back, A Look Ahead

January 2, 2011

One blog recounts 10 highlights of the past year in the struggle for marriage equality. Yes, the passage of the civil unions bill in Illinois made the list.

Another observer forecasts a rough year ahead. What do you think? Do we have momentum or do we face a nasty backlash?

Elsewhere in the World

December 4, 2010

While this blog has focused lately on the passage of the civil unions bill in Illinois, it has actually been a huge week in for LGBT news elsewhere. A brief week-in-review roundup:

UCC Leaders Speak Out About Bullying

October 12, 2010

Leaders in the United Church of Christ released a statement encouraging people of faith to take action to stop anti-gay bullying. The statement was in response to a series of recent suicides of gay youth. Read the statement here.

Clergy Nationwide Respond to Suicides

October 10, 2010

The New York Times offers a story about responses from clergy to the recent series of LGBT suicides in the news.

See also Rev. Debra Haffner’s blog post here.

NAACP Reaches Out to LGBT Community

September 26, 2010

Benjamin Jealous

The Washington Post reports that the NAACP has begun reaching out to the LGBT community. Although the nation’s leading advocacy organization for African Americans has not yet taken a stance in favor of marriage equality, President Benjamin Jealous states that the organization supports full equality for LGBT people in all other areas. Perhaps this development will help dispel the mistaken notion that the African-American community stands against progress for LGBT people.

Grover and Friend Offer Marriage Lesson

September 13, 2010

What is marriage? I just discovered this wonderfully insightful clip on the subject from Sesame Street. Check it out:

More on the Marin Foundation

July 2, 2010

Following on yesterday’s post, I just want to be clear about something. Simply reporting about an organization in a blog post or offering a link does not imply any relationship between the Illinois Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry and that organization. I have found that there are mixed opinions about the Marin Foundation out there. This coalition does not endorse The Marin Foundation and The Marin Foundation does not endorse us. We have no relationship at all at this time.

Some accuse them of believing that homosexuality is a sin and using reconciliation only as a rapport-building strategy with LGBT poeple before then trying to convert them to homosexuality. I don’t know whether that is true, but there did seem to be something genuine in the hug story.

Pride Offers Chances for Reconciliation

July 1, 2010

I had a great time a Pride last weekend riding on the Unitarian Universalist float. My friend Katie and I also visited with  and gathered petition signatures from folks from a lot of other groups before the parade stepoff, including the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming ChurchesMCCUnity in Chicago, and others.

But there was one religious group I’m sorry I missed. They didn’t march in the parade, but they stood on the side of the streets wearing T-shirts and carrying signs that said, “I’m sorry.” They were Christians from a group called The Marin Foundation expressing regret for their sins against LGBT people. A blogger named Nathan was one of those wearing the “I’m sorry” T-shirts and he tells a moving story about the hug featured in the picture above. I really suggest you follow the link and read it.

This story gives me hope for a future of greater understanding and respect for LGBT people from Christians and other people of faith. Please share any pictures or stories you have from Pride.

Are Voters Immovable On Marriage Equality?

June 25, 2010

A new study from Patrick J. Egan, a New York University professor, suggests that campaigns are completely ineffective in swaying the outcomes of ballot initiatives votes for the rights of same-sex couples. His findings showed that the dueling campaigns do nothing to make people more like to vote either for or against civil unions or marriage. In other words, wherever voters start out in public opinion polls before they are bombarded by all the pro and con television ads is generally how they’ll vote.

One commenter pointed out the obvious conclusion: “All this does is reinforce what we already know: a campaign is no time to start to try to change hearts and minds.”

So the takeaway lesson is this… Even though the marriage equality isn’t even on the political map yet in Illinois, it is not to soon to start sharing our lives and our views with friends and family. In fact, that’s the only thing that will really make any difference. And what lesson could me more fitting for Pride weekend?

Share Your Pride Parade Pictures

June 25, 2010

If you take any great pictures at this weekend’s Chicago Pride Parade or any other Illinois Pride events this year, please e-mail them to to share them. I’ll post them on this blog. I’m especially interested in pictures of your congregation or other religious group.