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Rabbi Changes from “Homophobe” to Advocate

July 6, 2010

Rabbi Peter Knoebel

On the occasion of his retirement, The Chicago Tribune features a profile of Rabbi Peter Knobel, who served Congregation Beth Emet of Evanston for 30 years.

In the story, Knobel says he was once a “homophobe,” but changed his views after serving on a rabbinic committee studying the issue of same-sex relationships. After changing his mind, he began to officiate at same-sex weddings and has become an advocate on the issue. Knobel says that one should always be prepared to change one’s mind on issues.

Dean at Methodist Seminary Endorses Bill

May 18, 2010

Rev. Pamela Lightsey

Rev. Pamela Lightsey, Ph.D., the dean of students at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, a United Methodist school in Evanston, is supporting the civil unions bill that has been introduced in the Illinois Legislature. She writes the following:

As an African American religious scholar and higher education administrator, I believe in the sacred worth of all persons. Our current laws regarding marriage rights deny fair and just public policy standards for LGBTQ citizens while at the same time requiring their allegiance to the very same system that oppresses them. This must end.

If you share Dr. Lightsey’s support for the civil unions bill, please call or write your state legislators today to let them know. Just type in your 9-digit ZIP code at this link to find out the names and contact information of your state senator and representative.