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DeKalb Minister Endorses Marriage Equality

May 5, 2010

Rev. Kelli Beard

Rev. Kelli Beard, a United Methodist campus minister for the Wesley Foundation of Northern Illinois University, endorses same-sex marriage in this guest post:

We worship a God who is infinitely loving and embodies perfect justice. As a pastor, I consider the issue of same-sex marriage as one more bold witness to the power of God’s radical, inclusive love. Our Christian Baptism calls us to resist evil and desire wholeness in human relationships. That is why we are working together to unbind injustice and publicly support efforts to recognize the holy union of two lives. May these effort across denominational lines be blessed and magnify God’s infinite love and justice for all of God’s people!

If you share Rev. Beard’s belief that same-sex couples should have the right to marry, please call or write your state legislators today to let them know. Just type in your 9-digit ZIP code at this link to find out the names and contact information of your state senator and representative.