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Equality Illinois Holds Faith Forum

December 4, 2010

Equality recently held a forum in Bloomington to help LGBT-supportive clergy and lay people to network. It is one of the first projects of the organization’s recently launched Religious Outreach Committee. Equality Illinois staff report that they are planning to hold similar meetings across the state. Here is the report from Equality Illinois on the meeting:

Equality Illinois, Advocacy Council for Human Rights, and Allied for Equality hosted an Interfaith Equality Roundtable breakfast discussion this past November 16 in Bloomington. The main goal of the discussion was to connect clergy, lay leaders, and LGBT community groups from central Illinois to each other, and also forge a dialogue about how faith can unite us in the struggle for equality.

Equality Illinois continues to build upon our successful Faith & Freedom Initiative. The project engages leaders and communities of faith in understanding LGBT equality issues, what same-sex partnership recognition means, and how it affects people on the ground every single day.

Numerous questions were considered during the roundtable: What are we are we doing (or have done) at our places of worship to make LGBT congregants feel welcome? How do we have discussions with other faith communities about LGBT acceptance and equality? How can religion-based bigotry be countered?

The roundtable was a great start to the ongoing discussion of how to incorporate faith and LGBT equality while working together. Our goal is to continue this in the future and grow it. We had fifteen people at this roundtable. Now let’s grow that to fifty!