Mayoral Candidates on LGBT Issues

Equality Illinois has just published the results of questionnaires from all of the leading candidates in the Chicago mayoral race regarding their stances on LGBT issues. Check it out.


One Response to “Mayoral Candidates on LGBT Issues”

  1. aydene militello Says:

    Each of these candidates has addressed the LGBT issues in the past, has been supportive and each has indicated a positive and supportive attitude for the future. I commend all of them for that. So we are left to consider the reasons for their efforts to gain the office of Mayor over all and how their core constituency might affect the LGBT Community.

    Ms Mosely Braun is answerable to an African American religious right that condemns Homosexuality. The denial within the African American male population and hatred of LGT people is significant. As a White person I resent the meeting between the African Americxna Candidates to decide on a “Black” single candidate. Would she actually represent all Chicagoans?

    Rahm Emanuel does not have the credentials to be Mayor despite his time in City, State and Federal Office. He, like so many Politicians feel his grooming for a “role” justifies his acting it out. He’s no Daley! He is unable to identify with the vast majority of working class Chicagoans.

    Mr Valle gave the most eloquent and thought out resonse to each question in the questionaire. Although his exposure in the Latin Community is well know he is not widely known throughout the City. His attitude toward the LGBT Community is sincere and believable. He would serve well in a strong position of Government that would aid the Mayor and City.

    Mr Chico has been at Mayor Daley’s side and knows the City, the System, the LGBT Community and its Leaders.
    The important thing is his plan for the City as a whole, not just one group within thye whole.

    After all, LGBT is not the whole picture, just a little part of it.
    I no longer live in Chicago where I was born and raised. Chicago is the Capitol of the Midwest and is important to all of us in this State.

    My vote would bve for Mr Chico.

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