IRCFM Is Disbanding

The Illinois Religious Coalition is disbanding. The coalition was started by a group of volunteers at the Second Unitarian Church of Chicago in the early 2000s. Under the leadership of Rev. Rudra Dundzila and then me, Gregory Potts. One of our proudest accomplishment was to work in partnership with Equality Illinois to gather signatures for a petition from faith leaders that I believe was instrumental in the passage of civil union legislation here last month.

There are two major reasons for disbanding. First, the coalition’s primary goal for most of its existence has been the passage of a civil unions bill in our state. That has been achieved! Of course true marriage equality is the ultimate goal, but I do believe it will be at least a year before we see any serious push toward marriage equality legislation in Illinois. So now seems like a good time to re-group and consider new strategies for moving ahead.
Second, things have changed in the past eight years. Many more religious leaders are speaking out today than they were at that time. In addition, LGBT rights organizations are working much more intentionally to organize and support people of faith.
Most notably, Equality Illinois, the state’s largest LGBT advocacy organization, recently started a Religious Outreach Committee. Both Katherine Wolf, a fellow IRCFTM volunteer, and I are serving on that committee. In addition, a new grassroots organization called LGBT Change recently launched an initiative they call The Faith Project. Both of these efforts show great promise and I encourage readers of this blog to support both of these organizations with money and efforts as we move from our civil unions victory into the next phase of our work toward LGBT liberation.
I may still post occasional updates on this blog for a while, but this will be the only vestige of the Illinois Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry.

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