A Look Back, A Look Ahead

One blog recounts 10 highlights of the past year in the struggle for marriage equality. Yes, the passage of the civil unions bill in Illinois made the list.

Another observer forecasts a rough year ahead. What do you think? Do we have momentum or do we face a nasty backlash?


2 Responses to “A Look Back, A Look Ahead”

  1. Paul K. Says:

    Until Humanity Release 2.0 is developed and rolled out I’m in Scott’s corner with his reference to “there will always be selfish, small minded, misguided or angry people there to try to take it all away”. I too am selfish, small minded, and from some people’s perspective misguided. I think its part of being human. So, the backlash is already there and will be there forever. Its up to each of us to keep watch and, again like Scott said – “suite up for the fight”.

    • the3rddegree Says:

      Paul, I think you’re right. There is momentum AND a big backlash. It makes the year ahead unpredictable for this issue. In the big picture, I think history is on our side, but there is no opportunity to rest.

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