How Did Your Rep Vote?

Full vote roll call list linked here.

The Senate is expected to vote Wednesday.


2 Responses to “How Did Your Rep Vote?”

  1. Aydene Militello Says:

    The Illinois House of Representatives passed the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act with a vote of 61 to 52!
    The Illinois Senate has yet to vote on the civil union bill and has until Thursday, December 2nd to do so.
    So much strife based on moral judgements that should instread be based upon genetic DNA strands and realities accepted by well informed persons in this day and age.
    I suggest every Politician who is responsible for this vote read Jane Goodall’s research on Bi sexuality amongst Primates – all Primates.
    Please consider this vote with a conscience clear of muddled information from the past. We need to grow as one people not regenerate or regurgitate the misjudgements of the past.
    Most progressive Nations in the West have resolved this issue many years ago. They recognize same sex couples as productive and important members of their communities and I might add, of their Military.
    Aydene Militello
    DeKalb, Il

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