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NAACP Reaches Out to LGBT Community

September 26, 2010

Benjamin Jealous

The Washington Post reports that the NAACP has begun reaching out to the LGBT community. Although the nation’s leading advocacy organization for African Americans has not yet taken a stance in favor of marriage equality, President Benjamin Jealous states that the organization supports full equality for LGBT people in all other areas. Perhaps this development will help dispel the mistaken notion that the African-American community stands against progress for LGBT people.

Poll: Definition of Family Expanding

September 15, 2010

Yet another poll documents shifting attitudes in the United States toward same-sex marriage. The poll, conducted at Indiana University with funding from the Russell Sage Foundation, finds that for the first time, a majority of Americans define same-sex couples with children, as well as married same-sex couples, as “families.”

Blogger Forecasts Illinois Equality in 2016

September 15, 2010

One blogger forecasts the year that the freedom to marry will arrive to each state in the United States, based on public opinion data. According to Hank Pellissier’s forecast, marriage equality will arrive to the Land of Lincoln in 2016 – before our neighboring states of Indiana and Missouri, but after Wisconsin and Michigan.

I disagree with Pellissier’s oversimplified statement that seems to equate religion with opposition to equality. As readers of this blog know, religious folks have a wide variety of views on this issue and many regular churchgoers are ardent supporters.

Grover and Friend Offer Marriage Lesson

September 13, 2010

What is marriage? I just discovered this wonderfully insightful clip on the subject from Sesame Street. Check it out: