Pollsters say support in Illinois is Growing

The New York Times features an analysis by polling experts of the growing support nationally for same-sex marriage. This map and this chart show a state-by-state breakdown. According to a statistical technique, they estimate that about 48% of Illinoisans support same-sex marriage. This figure is not based on new Illinois polling data, but rather on an estimate derived from national poll results and demographic data. In all they estimate that marriage equality has achieved majority support in at least 17 states.

This estimate of support in Illinois far exceeds a report that came out of the Paul Simon Institute at Southern Illinois University last fall. That poll found that 29% of Illinoisans support same-sex marriage. However, that poll also allowed respondents to choose between marriage and civil unions. When combining support for marriage and support for civil unions, a majority of Illinoisans surveyed at that time supported recognition for same-sex couples.


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