Public Acceptance May Be Accelerating


Nate Silver, noted blogger and number cruncher famed for predicting Obama’s presidential victory in 2008, has been analyzing public opinion poll data. Because of considerable variation in poll data amongst pollsters, it’s hard to say with certainty where American opinion on same-sex marriage lies. Some polls show support for marriage equality remains a minority view, while at least one poll this week showed majority support for the first time.

Nonetheless, Silver says evidence suggests that acceptance seems to have grown even since the last year. Read here and here.

Interestingly, even one of America’s most famous right-wing loudmouths came out at least indifferent, if not in favor of marriage equality. Not that I care at all about what Glen Beck has to say, but his comments this week must indicate that something is changing. It wasn’t long ago that lgbt people were one of the favorite punching bags of all right-wing commentators. They seem to have moved on to immigrants and “socialists.”


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