Are Voters Immovable On Marriage Equality?

A new study from Patrick J. Egan, a New York University professor, suggests that campaigns are completely ineffective in swaying the outcomes of ballot initiatives votes for the rights of same-sex couples. His findings showed that the dueling campaigns do nothing to make people more like to vote either for or against civil unions or marriage. In other words, wherever voters start out in public opinion polls before they are bombarded by all the pro and con television ads is generally how they’ll vote.

One commenter pointed out the obvious conclusion: “All this does is reinforce what we already know: a campaign is no time to start to try to change hearts and minds.”

So the takeaway lesson is this… Even though the marriage equality isn’t even on the political map yet in Illinois, it is not to soon to start sharing our lives and our views with friends and family. In fact, that’s the only thing that will really make any difference. And what lesson could me more fitting for Pride weekend?


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