Prop 8 Documentary to Screen in Chicago

8: The Mormon Proposition, a documentary about the role of the Mormon Church in efforts to pass the proposition that stripped same-sex couples in California of their marriages rights, will soon be showing in Chicago. The Sundance hit will be showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St., Chicago, beginning June 18.

You can also e-mail to RVSP for spots at an advance screening on June 13. The screening is co-sponsored by Human Rights Campaign and Affirmation, the lgbt group of Latter-Day Saints and ex-Latter-Day Saints.

The film will also be available on DVD and On Demand. Check out the trailer:

One Response to “Prop 8 Documentary to Screen in Chicago”

  1. Linda Stay - Moms For Equality Says:

    I first saw 8: The Mormon Proposition at The Sundance Film Festival and it is worth seeing again and again. It is getting extended standing ovations at every festival it plays at and anyone feeling to criticize it should see it first. They will find as Variety’s review states: “8″ actually spends more time trying to humanize homosexuals than to demonize those who hate them.

    I have listed on my blog the film festivals 8 is playing at, prior to the theatrical release on June 18th.

    Linda Stay –

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