Governor Again States Support for Civil Unions

Gov. Pat Quinn

The governor has stated his support for civil unions for same-sex couples (and his opposition to same-sex marriage) before and he has said it again. The Chicago Tribune recently asked him about the question, along with questions about other social issues. The contrast between him and his Republican opponent, Bill Brady, is clear, so we need to pass this bill before Brady even has the chance to come into office.

His consistent message shows that we have a real possibility of legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples this year. He will sign the bill into law if we can get it passed by the legislature. You can read the full text of the bill introduced by Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago, here. The bill currently has thirteen co-sponsors.  

I remember how amazed I was when a few states first began to legalize civil unions more than ten years ago. Things have changed a lot since then. Now, five states Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont – plus the District of Columbia have full marriage equality for same-sex couples. Another three states – New York, Rhode Island and Maryland – do not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but honor the marriages of same-sex couples performed in others states. And nine states offer civil unions or domestic partnerships. As a result of these changes, civil unions – once quite controversial – now represents a moderate position. It was the position supported by most of the Democratic candidates for president in 2008, including Barack Obama. While full marriage equality is our ultimate goal, a civil unions law is achievable in Illinois this year.

If you support the passage of this bill, please sign on to the petition for clergy, religious leaders, and members of religious congregations. Your voice can make a difference!  


3 Responses to “Governor Again States Support for Civil Unions”

  1. Earthbound Spirit Says:

    I’d love to sign the petition, but I’m not in IL. I don’t want to invalidate it!

  2. Paul K. Says:

    Thanks for spreading the information about how the candidates feel on important social issues. Brady has it completely wrong on Civil Unions as well as some of the other questions put to him and the Governor.

    We simply can not allow people like Brady taking us back to where we were ten years ago.

  3. the3rddegree Says:

    Earthbound Spirit, we are not actively soliciting signatures from out-of-state people, but you’re welcome to sign it anyway. And better yet, speak up for justice where you live.

    Paul, thanks for your comments. Voters have a clear choice laid out before them in the fall’s gubernatorial race.

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