Poll: Americans Grow More Open to Equality

A Gallup poll released today shows that Americans are growing more open to marriage equality for same-sex couples. Fifty-three percent of respondents said that they opposed recognizing the marriages of same-sex couples, down from 57 percent last year. (Recent research has shown that the majority of Americans support civil unions, a question not addressed in today’s poll. See Wikipedia for an overview.)

Two areas of special interest in today’s poll results:

Religion – Americans who say that religion is “very important” in their lives oppose same sex marriage by a much wider margin than those who say that religion is “fairly important” or “not important” to them. While this is disheartening, I think this underscores the importance of outreach to communities of faith.

Region – Of the four national regions considered by the poll, two have a majority in favor of marriage equality: East and West. The poll shows that the Midwest has 40 percent support for the freedom to marry, but it is hard to say what that means for Illinois since the Midwest is a large region and there is no state-by-state breakdown.


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