Pictures of My Church

I just took some pictures of my church, Second Unitarian Church of Chicago today. Yes, it’s a pretty church, but but my real point in sharing is to point out the banner that has been hanging on the front for the past several years. The freedom to marry isn’t the only social issue that Second Unitarian members care about, but it’s one that hits close to home for a lot of us so we’ve decided to take a public stand.

Unitarian Universalists nationally have lead the charge for equal rights and recognition for same-sex couples. In 1996, the denomination passed a resolution supporting the right for same-sex couples to legally marry. In fact, UUs were so involved in working for the passage of the same-sex marriage legalization in Washington, D.C. that the mayor signed the bill into law in December last year in a ceremony at All Souls Church, a UU church.

What is your congregation doing on behalf of same-sex couples or lgbt people in general? Let us know!


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