Iowa Ruling Anniversary

A year ago today, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. That ruling surprised me and many other people because the greatest victories in the same-sex marraige movement until then had all taken place on the coasts. The heartland victory built a new confidence and a new momentum. Kevin Cathcart, executive director of Lambda Legal, sums it up this way: 

“The victory in Iowa started off a string of events that brought the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, D.C. We enjoyed a victory then a setback in Maine. But equality is steadily gaining ground in our country. A year ago, there were just two places where same-sex couples in this country could marry now there are six.”

Check out this video for the occasion from Lambda Legal:

Here’s hoping that Illinoisans will be inspired by our neighboring state’s progress!


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